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A woman in a yellow shirt smiling.
Author, “SPQR”; Professor of Classics, University of Cambridge
A black woman in a pink blazer.
Dr. Barry Jay Epstein Endowed Professor of Acconting at DePaul University
Patrick McNamara with a beard and a blue shirt.
A woman wearing glasses and a turtle neck top.
Author, “Healthy Brain, Happy Life”

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Original video series from the biggest thinkers in the world.
Recent Episodes
An ufo flying over a forest.
Why haven’t we found aliens? A physicist shares the most popular theories
13 min
An older man pondering with his hand on his chin, contemplating effective altruism.
What is effective altruism? Philosopher Peter Singer explains
8 min
A drawing of a human brain depicting the red section, symbolizing anxiety.
Anxiety evolved to help us — what went wrong? A neuroscientist explains.
8 min
A sparkler with the word orgasm on it.
A sex educator explains orgasms (plus an exercise for expanded pleasure)
11 min
A snake is sitting on top of a dollar bill.
Why fraud still thrives on Wall Street
8 min
a clock that is in the middle of a circle.
The science of super longevity
7 min
Recent Episodes
A man in a suit is pointing his finger at a yellow background, referencing string theory.
Einstein failed to solve the Universe. Here’s what it would take to succeed. | Michio Kaku
6 min
The cover of a dying profession.
More accountants are leaving the field than joining. What’s going on?
4 min
A man doing push ups in a gym.
How to grow your brain by moving your body
4 min
An image of two people kissing on a blue background.
Neurodivergence is absent in sex education. That’s a problem.
6 min
a close up of a person wearing a suit and tie.
Hitler, Churchill, and the real trolley problem
6 min
a birthday cake with the number 100 on it.
How to eat if you want to age slowly
5 min
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